Setting Stick game Fifa 15 Using Emulator

For gamers who are still confused using the default setting fifa 15 or for gamers who have grown accustomed to setting sticks PES then this article could be a solution for gamers who want to know how to set sticks fifa 15 so as setting sticks PES. In this article I will discuss how setting sticks fifa 15 using a stick or a fake cheapo version. Basically this setting using the stick xbox emulator that x360ce. This tutorial can also use the PES game. Previously we had to prepare the setting material sticks fifa 15.


fifa 15 stik

Materials for Setting Stik Fifa 15

  • Please download the file x360ce that I modified for fifa 15 games here.
  • If you are using Windows 64bit and above files are not suitable please download the file for the 64 bit version here.
  • Make sure the game Fifa 15 already installed in your PC or laptop.
  • Prepare your stick if the stick you use a driver, please make sure the driver is installed.

Step By Step Setting the stick fifa 15 using x360ce

Please consider carefully and you have to understand if you fail not because of a problem on the file I give because I have tested and successfully. Many factors that cause failure. So look carefully.

  • Make sure your stick is connected or have you plug in your usb.
  • Extract the downloaded file x360ce I gave above. there are 4 File contents are dinput8.dll, x360ce.exe, x360ce.gdb, and xinput9_1_0.dll
  • The next step is to open the file x360ce.exe. will out box that asks you to create a file x360ce.ini. click yes. then click ok.
  • Make sure x360ce green colored lights. The way that I do so with the green lights on the way tabs Controller 2 (I use the stick PS2) click the Preset button (bottom left) select “Logitech cordless RumblePad 2″ (up to select which one I chose selfsame tp) to the lamp controller tab originally colored red to green.
  • If the light has been green colored adjust settings with sticks PES settings or settings to your taste. If you have finished click Save and then close
  • The files in the folder will be increased by one, which was originally 4 to 5.
  • Let guns complicated fifth copy and paste the file into the folder fifa 15 was installed. Paste into an existing folder fifa15.exe.
  • After that run fifa 15 sticks her and see if you are functioning properly

That tutorial how to install fifa 15 clubs you can do in Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and hopefully this tutoral useful and work for the gamers who try it. Dont forget to check this awesome website for : Fifa 15 coin generator .if there is any question please make a comment below.