Pirated games Now Can Be Played in PS4

PlayStation 4 or PS4 is arguably one of the consoles that until now were able to hold the title of `kebal` against pirated games.

Yes, it is apparently still a consideration of many gamers when they want to buy a PS4. Because they are always pegged to the high price of the original game sold, especially PS4 can not read pirated games.

This is certainly reinforce the image of Sony to improve the security system in the consoleĀ  that are not easily cracked by pirates. However, apparently recently someone found a way to `use PS4 console with pirated games, itsĀ  invented by a Brazilian gamer.

He even dared to offer such services at his electronics store so gamers can play PS4 console with pirated games.

Tech Times, Tuesday (05/19/2015), reported that it has been proved by a journalist from the game Brazilian media, UOL Jogos, which appeared to have brought his PS4 console to the store.

The way it works is, the hijackers provide PS4 console with a variety of original game titles that have been installed. Furthermore, the game will be copied to the customer console.

Next, to move the contents of the hard drive, the hijackers would do dump the NAND / BIOS with the help of single-board computer Raspberry Pi. The customer console will later have an account registered in the name of the hijackers, as part of the process of `clonning`.

The gamers will only play the title game via accounts pirate copies is offline. This method, if viewed more like a mechanism to account sharing. Sony in general did give permission for the console user to activation in some console with the same account. Unfortunately, it is used the hands of ignorant by sharing his account to another person.

How it works is apparently only be used in a limited number of consoles. The new way of the hijackers, however, will not be hit with this problem. It can even give a free account to its customers indefinitely. To enjoy this dish pirated games, the customer only pays $ 1 million for ten titles.

Until now Sony immediately spoke up that they will soon take action to prevent this occurrence can be spread.

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