FIFA 16 Demo version can already be sampled

FIFA 16 made by EA Sports has yet to be rolled until the end of this month, but gamers can get a little taste today. A demo version of the game of football bolapopuler platform has been officially released for the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.



The latest version of FIFA 16 offers a “confidence to survive, control in midfield, and tools to create more magical moments than ever before,” said the game’s description, as quoted by PC Mag, Wednesday (09/09/2015).

In the demo, players are welcome to try to play 10 popular clubs like Barcelona, ​​Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Inter Milan, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Club Atlético River Plate, and the Seattle Sounders. In addition, for the first time in the history of the FIFA game series made by EA, you can play as one player on the women’s national team.

In the demo version is also possible for players involved in online and offline tournaments. “Bringing the number of female players and the best teams in the world is a great event for EA Sports, and we are both interested in bringing millions of fans towards a new way to play,” said David Rutter as GM of EA Sports FIFA.

The most interesting thing is clear where the women’s team is eagerly awaited by many fans of this game. In the demo version, there are only two women’s teams, namely the United States and the German national team.

Differences begin to appear when we choose the jersey of each club have been. High-level graphics have been seen from here and EA also make this page more lively with the players posture greater choice of FIFA 15.

FIFA 16 DEMO Kick Off (In Menus)

FIFA 16 DEMO Kick Off (In Menus)

Do not stop there. Ahead of the game starts, the atmosphere in the stadium for a different and very lively. Fans look much more real than the previous version. Mini games are shown when loading just before the fight was held even more diverse and unique. This makes the player becomes bored.

Sign into the game, each player’s movements ranging from the basic things like dribble until the bait is made differently. The graphics on this game look very real, and now the players are easier to control.

However, there are some things that developed EA and make the game more exciting. How to survive being outstanding. Marking each player moves the appropriate movement of the attacking team. So that in FIFA 16, the team will no longer easily

FIFA 16 DEMO Kick Off 2-1 BVB V INT, 2nd Half ET

FIFA 16 DEMO Kick Off 2-1 BVB V INT, 2nd Half ET


There will be no acceleration-acceleration easily pass through several players who often relied on FIFA 15. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo would be difficult to attack
Style kick, header, Dachshund, etc are made much more perfect than FIFA 15. In fact, the attacking team will now not easy to make shots, as a way of measuring the strength of different shots. MSports team itself is still feeling how the most perfect way to make a shot. Not to forget the Vanishing Spray which is visible in the back pocket referee and visible when we can free kick.
Pull a bait and a corner kick was made lighter than the previous version. Expression of each player when a protest, celebration, up disappointed also very similar to football.

The gamer who has been waiting a long time is guaranteed to be very satisfied with this demo version, and certainly can not wait to buy the full version of FIFA 16.

If the demo version alone was close to perfect, we can imagine how the full version of FIFA 16 already prepared the EA.

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